Calgary Hot Shot Courier Services…

If you are looking for the most reliable Calgary hot shot courier that will deliver anywhere in Alberta and Saskatchewan then you need to visit Oilfield Hot Shot Services.  This company was started by Mark Vass who had a vision for making sure the job is always done right and on time.  Mark has been traveling Alberta and Saskatchewan as a Land Agent for the last 35 years so it only made sense for him to begin a hot shot company.

In fact, there’s nothing Mark enjoys more than driving.  I know it sounds funny but when Mark is behind the wheel and his wife next to him, it feels like a vacation to him.  Most people would hate driving 9 hours one way into Saskatchewan and another 9 hours back, only to have to do it again the next day.

Not Mark!

He loves every minute of it.  Actually, he was born and raised in Estevan Saskatchewan so he loves visiting his family every time he has a job there.

When you have a hot shot job you need done you can either hire a big company that is very impersonal or you can hire the owner of Oilfield Hot Shot Services who is passionate about making sure every job is done right and on time.  Once you get to know Mark you’ll never want to use another company again!

Calgary and Edmonton Car Insurance Rates For Younger Drivers

If you are young and are looking for a fair and understanding Calgary auto insurance broker call Sharp Insurance today!

A considerable determinant in the cost of your auto insurance, whether it’s with Sharp Insurance or not, is your level of driving experience, which is closely related to your age. Being younger and having less experience behind the wheel go hand in hand, and stats show that accident rates of drivers under 25 are considerably higher than those above 25. Also, accident rates are highest for young males under 25 who are single, and if you fall into this group, you will notice you have an inflated insurance rate because of the above reasons. Young adults have also been shown to have less focus and make more reckless decisions than adults, but this is obviously not true for every teenager out there.

We strive to give you all applicable savings possible, but insurance companies like to see concrete evidence before giving new drivers the same rates as the more experienced. Because younger drivers generally have less credit to report, a reduced driving history, and a lack of any driving records in which an insurance broker can accurately calculate their insurance costs, their rates will be more expensive than those who are older and can prove their liability. Until younger insurance members prove themselves to be responsible and safe drivers, their insurance premiums will be slightly more expensive than others.

The best way to counter these higher rates is by doing the small things now, which will eventually add up and pay off in the long run. By accumulating fewer tickets, accidents, and other offences you will develop a trustworthy status and your insurance rate in the future will drop as a result. Safe driving habits results in not only less accidents on the road but a better premium for your wallet as well. At Sharp Insurance, we believe that with patience and a little perseverance, you can start saving on your auto insurance and get better deals to match your better driving abilities.

It provides Albertans with some of the best Calgary home insurance coverage and Edmonton home insurance coverage the province.

Best Calgary Website Design Companies

Considering that we are a regional Calgary website design firm we get to speak to individuals all the time who think they need to have the ability to get a good internet site developed for a couple marvelous. The trouble is that they do not understand the distinction in between low-cost design and quality design.

Because there isn’t actually a lot of good info out there and unfortunately some internet design firms charge a lot for shit, and I do not actually criticize them.

So individuals are puzzled. Why pay $10,000 for a site when you could possibly get it for $2500? Exactly what provides? Why such a distinction?

The distinction lies in the creative/design process. You get what you spend for. There’s a world of distinction between having an experienced, high-end designer and internet marketer working on your site compared with some typical designer who thinks they build “fine” sites.

web-design-graphicYour website is probably one of your crucial marketing possessions you have in the 21st century so why would you wish to have something any less than amazing? Why would you not care about the little details that a good designer cares about and just put something “average” out there for your consumers to see? Is the message you are attempting to communicate to everyone that you are all right with average? Don’t you see that your site is frequently times the first impression individuals have of your business?

Design matters. Their items are incredibly created. In one word … design.

Great design expenses money. There’s a watercraft load of typical designers and lots of companies going to provide you with an economical design. If your company isn’t really worth a lot to you and you want to have that type of image out there then go all out.

An additional reason you should actually consider paying more for excellent design is for the way the site is built. At EMethod we actually develop it so it will place well on Google. Why have a site that looks pretty if nobody is going to discover it? And anybody who understands that they are doing isn’t really going to be economical when it pertains to appropriately structuring a site. It takes an expert who knows how to do it.

Ever thought about the reality that having somebody call you or fill in a kind from your internet site is worth a lot to you? Did you understand the difference in between a high converting site and a reduced converting website is going to have a huge impact on your revenue?

At the end of the day, biz owners who think they are conserving cash by making use of an economical website design business are totally wrong. It will actually cost them more in the long run (however a minimum of they can feel excellent in the short-term that they conserved a few dollars on the most important marketing asset they possess).

Don’t go cheap, be clever. Work with a business like EMethod.

Their products are remarkably created. In one word … design.

Fantastic design costs cash. There’s a boat load of average designers and lots of business prepared to supply you with an inexpensive design. Another reason you need to really consider paying even more for excellent design is for the way the site is developed.

DiSC Profile Management – Why You Should Consider Using DiSC

Solving People Problems with Everything DiSC

Customer: One of the 100 largest law companies in the United States.
– Over 1,000 workers.

Products Utilized:
– Everything DiSC Management Profile


ProvaConnect-DISC-ICONWith a big personnel devoted to supporting hundreds of attorneys with high expectations, team efficiency and productivity are important to success. Groups should understand ways to work much better together. Group members vary depending upon the project, so the skills they found out should apply when dealing with their manager and direct records, but also needed to be transferrable to various other scenarios.


Person Resources chose to begin training a pilot group of their own personnel. The HR team, who are all managers, took the Everything DiSC Management Profile.

  • Would the program be accepted by other work groups?
  • Would it give employees a tool to assist them work better with others?

The next action would be to train another pilot group of managers from numerous departments if this training satisfied their objectives.

The HR team overwhelmingly felt the program was exactly what they were looking for and wished to execute it with other groups. The next pilot group was a select group of managers and they were provided the Everything DiSC Management program, consisting of the profile and facilitation, two months later. They concurred with the HR group: this program would benefit all managers and was the perfect tool to assist them work better with their direct records, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.


While paying attention to the managers, it ended up being obvious that too much of the day was spent on attempting to resolve “people issues” instead of finishing the job. Using DiSC, the managers had the ability to see that numerous of the “individuals issues” were differences in style and technique. The Everything DiSC Management assistance, specifically the video, gave managers useful recommendations and great visual examples of ways to take care of individuals of different styles. With the first two parts of the pilot a success, the next step was to offer the Everything DiSC Management Program to a group of managers. The response was once again extremely favorable. One individual commented, “This was the finest training session I have actually had since I became a supervisor.”.

After each training session, individuals were asked to reply to a study about their experience. When asked if Everything DiSC Management was enhanced and pertinent their knowing, 100 percent of the participants in the course strongly agreed.


One week later on, my customer bought the Everything DiSC Management and Everything DiSC Workplace  Facilitation Kits and began a train-the-trainer program in order to move forward with.
their brand-new campaign: company-wide DiSC training. Although the execution is progressive, their dedication to continuous use will assist workers internalize DiSC and utilize its language daily, enhancing their teams’ efficiency and efficiency.

Group members vary depending on the job, so the skills they learned required to be suitable when working with their manager and direct records, but likewise required to be transferrable to various other situations.

The HR group, who are all managers, took the Everything DiSC Management Profile. The next pilot group was a select group of managers and they were provided the Everything DiSC Management program, consisting of the profile and facilitation, two months later on. They agreed with the HR team: this program would benefit all managers and was the perfect tool to assist them work better with their direct records, enhancing productivity and effectiveness.

Making use of DiSC, the managers were able to see that numerous of the “people issues” were distinctions in style and strategy.